Pub Desk
Andrew Crossley

Andrew Crossley

Founder of Wocal

Sick of working from home?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Hey, My name is Andrew, I’m a freelancer so I spent most of my time working from home.

Personally, I get sick of looking at the same four walls so I wanted to let you know about this newish trend called the Pub Desk.

Since many companies have shut their offices for good, and some companies have introduced hybrid work since March, and with no sign for many to return to the office, remote workers and start-ups have found pubs, bars and cafes as a welcome escape to the familiar four walls of their home office.

For remote workers it is a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing by finding a great space, meet up with your team to discuss the latest project or even just get out of the house for the day and into a new environment. 

Wocal was designed and based on helping people work local by using hotels, restaurants and pubs for workspaces. 

So I was pub desking before it became a thing, I decided that I wanted to share my thoughts and experience.

What is a pub desk?

You might be familiar with Hot Desking, it shares similar concepts but personally speaking, I find a pub desk has more advantages for me than hot desking and is much cheaper, but for reasons, other hot desking services may provide over a pub desk.

But to put it simply, a pub desk is a desk that you can rent for a few hours or even the full day, and you’ll normally find a great deal from £10 +, depending on location. 

Compared to £60+ for a more professional hot desking space.

Pubs now offer a great incentive for working local, and pub chains like Craft PubsJoseph Holt and Station Pubs are starting to promote local pub desks.


What do pub desks offer?

Venues that offer pub desks normally have different offerings, but they ususally include

The best part is that you can get all this from just £10 a day, you just normally need to book in advance to make sure you get all of the benefits above. 

A pub desk is a great choice for freelancers and remote workers.

Pub desks can be a great solution for freelancers and remote workers who need a place to work from.

Working from a pub desk has some benefits that are not found in the traditional office setting.

1. Using a pub desks can allow for more social interaction and collaboration than an office.

2. It can be better for your mental health and creativity due to the change of scenery.

3. It is cheaper than it is to rent an office space or coworking space because you don’t have to pay for utilities like electricity or internet access.

4. You can take your work with you anywhere because you can find pubs nearly anywhere making it easier to work remotely when necessary.

experience using a pub desk

It’s an experience I recommend trying out.

working from home helped the hospitality industry become an alternative workplace for those who want to be more productive and socialize with others.

I love that I can change up my scenery as I tend to get bored of using the same places. An extra bonus is that food options are endless.

Here’s a few tips to help you get the best experience from your local pub desk: 

1) Book in advance

This will help make sure you get a private desk and a plug socket, if you just show up it’ll be likley that you won’t get everything you need to work. 

2) Have a plan for after 5pm

If you plan on staying and working in your local town or city from after 5pm, you might want to change up the type of venue as pubs tend to start getting busy and loud after 5, or you can just end your day at the local with a nice drink.

Would I rent a pub desk?

Without a doubt, I would recommend trying out a pub desk.

Wocal was created based on being able to work locally to support local venues, so before pub desking became a thing, it was something that I would usually do.

I can’t stand looking at the same four walls, and I also like to mix up the type of spaces I use, so being able to use local venues is a great way to mix up that change of scenery.

Even if your local doesn’t promote a local pub desk, you could always ask to see if you could book a table with a socket.