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Andrew Crossley

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Remote work has skyrocketed in popularity, but the allure of the home office can wane quickly. For those yearning for a change of scene without reverting to a traditional office or the usual coffee shop, London offers a delightful alternative: the cozy, lively environment of a pub. In this guide, we’ll explore why working from a pub could rejuvenate your workday and how to make the most of this unconventional workspace.

Why Choose a Pub as Your Workspace?

The idea of tapping away at a laptop in a pub, pint at hand, might seem unconventional, but it combines productivity with relaxation in a way few other environments can match. Pubs offer a unique ambiance—think soft lighting, comfortable seating, and a gentle buzz of background activity—that fosters creativity and reduces stress. Plus, the change of scenery can reinvigorate your workday and boost your productivity.

Benefits of Working from a Pub

  • Comfortable and Casual Atmosphere

Unlike the stark, often sterile environment of typical offices or the silent expectation in libraries, pubs offer a warm, inviting atmosphere. The informal setting can lessen the pressures of work, allowing creative thoughts to flow more freely.

  • Social Interaction

Working from home can be isolating, but pubs naturally encourage light social interaction. You can chat with the staff, engage with other patrons, or simply enjoy the presence of others, all of which can enhance your mood and energy levels.

  • Flexibility and Amenities

Many pubs are embracing the remote work trend by providing amenities geared toward the needs of remote workers, such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and quiet corners perfect for video calls. Additionally, the flexible hours of many pubs cater to different work schedules, accommodating both early birds and night owls.

How to Make It Work

To ensure productivity while working from a pub, consider these tips:

  1. Select the Right Spot

Choose a table that suits your work style—near a power outlet if you have multiple devices, or by the window if natural light boosts your mood. A spot with less foot traffic might be preferable if you’re easily distracted.

2. Establish a Routine

Treat your pub visits like a regular workday. Arrive at a set time, take scheduled breaks, and set a wrap-up time to keep your workday structured.

3. Set Expectations with Staff

If you plan to become a regular, it’s helpful to have a chat with the staff. Let them know about your intentions so they can accommodate your needs, perhaps by suggesting the best times to come in or offering deals for regular customers.

4. Use Noise-Canceling Headphones

If the pub gets noisy, noise-canceling headphones can help maintain your concentration. They signal to others that you’re working and not available for a chat, helping to maintain your focus.

5. Embrace the Environment

Allow the unique aspects of the pub to inspire your work. The change of pace and atmosphere could spark new ideas or offer a new perspective on a project.

The Social Dimension

Working from a pub not only changes your scenery but also your social interactions. It’s a chance to meet new people from different walks of life. These interactions, even if brief, can provide fresh insights, stimulate new ideas, and even lead to collaborations or business opportunities.


Transforming your workday by choosing a pub as your office could be just what you need to break the monotony of the usual work environments. It’s about creating a balance between productivity and enjoyment, leveraging the relaxed atmosphere to not only get work done but to enjoy the process. So next time you feel the walls of your home office closing in, consider packing up and heading to your local pub. Who knows? It might just be the refreshment your work routine needs. Cheers to productivity in the most enjoyable manner!

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