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Are you tired of seeing empty tables and chairs during the day in your venue?

Do you wish you could turn that unused space into a source of revenue? With Wocal, you can do just that!

Our platform connects remote workers with your venue.

Offering a first-class coffee experience is the perfect way of combining the collaboration and communication, whilst providing an enhancement to the overall workplace experience.

Hotel lobbies or on-demand workspaces within hotels that have been converted to desk space, meeting rooms, areas for private calls, or even coworking spaces. Available to the public for hourly or daily rates.

Are great for people looking for new inspiration for that big idea, and often need a quiet corner to have a virtual business discussion. Say goodbye to the stress of bad WiFi and the awkward bedroom zooms.

"Hosting your space as a hub for remote workers should be a source of inspiration, not just a place to get work done. By fostering a sense of community and creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, you can help to spark creativity and innovation in your local community"
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Most frequent questions and answers

Wocal means ” Work Local ” and the .co is for ” Community “

It’s a part of our vision of supporting the local economy with working professionals.

You can host your:

  • Hotel
  • Pub
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant


Once your venue has been approved by our admin team, you will have access to our

  1. Direct message system

This is for our last minute workers looking for space, they can simply drop you a message to see if you have any space available.


2. Booking System

They can book directly through your profile, you will get an email with the details and how many guests.


We don’t take any payment when a booking is made.

No, You’re already providing furnished space, a service for food and drinks with wifi.


If you wish to make your space more co-working friendly, you can contact us to discuss your space.

Hosting your space on the Wocal platform access is £24.99 per venue per month or £189.99 billed annually.

Wocal hours is essentially your opening hours.

This is important as it will be a part of your rules for the members.

For example, if you’re busy on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, you might want to say you are closed for professional workers or reduce your hours for the day.

The chances are that one of our members uploaded your space, don’t worry!

This means that someone enjoyed their experience at your venue and took the time to help others find your place.

If you want to claim your listing, go to the profile and click on claim listing.

Host your venue and start welcoming guests today!

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By continuing, you agree to let email you regarding your venue registration.