A network of local hospitality venues

where people can work, meet and exchange ideas

in a remote-friendly atmosphere by working local.

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Join the remote working community and work local.

Welcome to the new way of working.
Here at Wocal, we understand the power of working from home and the benefits of hybrid working.

But we also understand that not everyone wants to pay for expensive co-working space or office space and not forgetting that sometimes a change of scenery can help us be more creative.

We aim to help all our members find workspace within our hospitality industry.

Explore unique, genuine and creative spaces, anytime. anywhere.

Creative spaces all depend on our individual needs. Some might prefer plenty of natural light. Some might like dark places.

No matter what type of space you’re looking for, we’re here to help you find the best ones to help you unlock your creativity and productivity.

Powered by the remote working community

Wocal is fully powered by the remote working community. It’s managed by both it’s members and local businesses to help remote workers, entrepreneurs, startups, travellers, freelancers and others seeking new workspaces without the hassle of long-term commitment or expensive price plans.

Wocal Community
Building a community

Meet interesting people from all over the world, become more culturally aware and build connections within professional communities.

Work Local

Supporting The Local Economy​

No need for long trips to the city, save time from your week and find local space so you can do more meaningful activities that benefit your health and wellness and productivity.

Invested in both our users and venues

We want to make sure that both our users and venue hosts have a great experience in using our platform. We promise to always listen to what you need to make your experience better.

Coworking Community

Developing a new way of working

Wocal is the baseline of changing the way we work. The go to online platform where you can find remote workspace within a local venue within a few simple clicks.

Helping you be more productive

Helping you build a lifelong network of professional contacts, learning new skills that can boost your productivity and your network.

Helping our users with their journey

As most of our users, the journey starts with an idea. Maybe you have just thought of the best app in the world... It's our goal to help you on that journey and make sure you find the best place to help your ideas become real.

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